The Leadership Institute

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Virginia’s  community health centers (CHCs) are being challenged to demonstrate their value to multiple audiences, including patients, partners, plans, purchasers, and policymakers. To help our members meet challenges, we created the Virginia CHC Leadership Institute.

The Virginia CHC Leadership Institute helps CHCs define and communicate the value their organizations deliver to their communities. Additionally, it assists CHCs in optimizing performance in clinical care, health center management, and community development through the use of best practice research.

One of the unique programs we offer in the Leadership Institute is the annual CHC Leadership Learning Program for health center teams. This program is unique for its team focus, best practice content and action learning format.

How the CHC Leadership Learning Program Works:

  • Association Members are invited to enroll a team of up to five experienced and emerging leaders from clinical care, administration, and the board.
  • Content is focused on leadership fundamentals, demonstrating value, clinical best practices, management best practices, and community best practices.
  • Instruction is delivered by expert faculty, and Leadership Institute staff provide support for developing best practice content.
  • All participating team members receive a certificate of completion, and clinicians receive continuing education credit for selected activities.
  • Teams attend Leadership Learning Sessions which coincide with Association’s regularly scheduled meetings.
  • During the sessions teams define and execute a best practice learning plan, and complete a Capstone Project on a topic of direct interest to their individual CHC.
  • Teams learn and share best practices for addressing priority issues for CHCs.
  • All teams present lessons learned from their Capstone Project Experience at the final session, allowing all participants to learn and share critical lessons about leadership, teamwork, and strategy.

If you have more questions about our Leadership Institute, please contact us.