Successful School Dental Program: #CHCsInnovate Feature

metompkin elementaryWhich of these things is true for the children of Virginia’s Eastern Shore?:

  1. Almost all children have access to dental care
  2. Tooth decay is declining
  3. Medical care includes dental examinations

If you guessed all three, you are correct!

Accomack County School Dental Program, provided by Eastern Shore Rural Health, Inc., a Federally Qualified Health Center, operates two onsite dental clinics, making dental visits extremely convenient for parents and students. Students can be seen for dental appointments during the school day or immediately after school. Any child enrolled in the school system is eligible to receive dental care at either school’s onsite dental clinic. Students also benefit from the health education and literacy partnership formed between ESRH and the school system. “Both our stats and anecdotal evidence show that absenteeism due to toothaches is down, and behavior and learning are up,” according to ERSH’s executive director, Nancy Stern.

Earlier this year, an article published in the Virginia Dental Association’s, Virginia Dental Journal, highlighted this extremely successful school dental program. ESRH provides primary care and dental services to 90% of the Eastern Shore’s population. Their successful school dental program means that all children in Accomack County have access to high-quality dental care.

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