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April Edition: What We’re Exploring

From Our Director of Communications and Outreach: ZOOM Video Conferencing

Our Communications Team have been dreaming up exciting future content and training sessions that we can share with our CHC Communications Peers. We are not sure that our current webinar platform can present content in the way we’d like. So I’ve been looking at ZOOM conferencing. Zoom states it it provides “one platform for clinical and enterprise use cases; it’s engineered to work reliably in low-bandwidth environments; it is secure and encrypted; it slots into healthcare workflows; and has the most affordable, straightforward pricing.” I joined in a ZOOM conference yesterday. No log-in was required and it was very easy to join and participate in the conference. Some participants used their Video cam to participate, others participated by audio only. I was particularly attracted to ZOOM’s commitment to Accessibility. If you have used ZOOM, we’d appreciate any feedback you can share. Email Us: |  You can check out ZOOM here.

From Our Communications and Outreach Specialist:  How to Get Started with Overwhelming Tasks

Have you ever had a large project that you weren’t sure how to start? Did you spend more time feeling overwhelmed than being productive? Tim Herra from the New York Times wrote an article about “Micro-Progress”. The idea behind micro-progress is to break down a large project into smaller more manageable tasks. The reasoning behind this is to constantly keep yourself in motion. Even if the task is to just open a Google Doc, each smaller task you complete will build up until you finally complete the task.

From Our Multimedia Specialist:  Professional Alternative to Youtube

If you need to post a video online, which video-sharing site would you choose? For many, the answer would be YouTube, a popular, community-oriented website. However, there is a more professional alternative available – Vimeo ( Like YouTube, Vimeo allows users to publish their videos, which can be shared and embedded on social media platforms and other websites. However, with zero ads and less clutter, Vimeo has a more professional and 508 compliant user interface. Vimeo also offers features like password protection for individual videos, and the ability to replace videos without losing their original stats and comments. Vimeo’s free, basic plan should be suitable for those who plan on uploading smaller video files, and tiered upgrades are available if you eventually decide to upload larger files.

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