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August Edition: What We’re Exploring

From our Director of Communications and Outreach: The Resources Available at the Health Literacy Media Website

Would you be excited if I called to tell you that the Association held a drawing and you won? Would you be excited to learn that your prize is a 2.45 GHZ Self-Contained Electromagnetic Radiation Bombardment Chamber?  Say What?!

Maybe I should have simply used its common name, a microwave oven.

a microwave over with a sign saying You Won!Because of the jargon used and the complexity of the information shared, health care and health-related concepts can be just as confusing. As CHC Communicators, we look to improve communications so that patients and people in our communities better understand what they need to do for their health. We need improve our use of “Plain Language” in our communications so that those we are trying to help can become more health literate. Plain language is writing designed to ensure the reader understands a complex subject as quickly, easily, and completely as possible. Plain language strives to be easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use. It avoids verbose convoluted language and jargon.

Where can we learn more? On September 19, the Association will host a Health Literacy webinar which will help you elevate your skills for writing in clear, simple, easy-to-understand language. Our trainers for the session are from Health Literacy Media (HLM) is an award-winning, interdisciplinary team of creative content and usability experts dedicated to making health care information easier to understand and act upon.

So please save the date for this webinar: September 19. Registration for the webinar will open soon.

From our Communications and Outreach Specialist:Facebook Creator App and Other Facebook Tools

Dress up your Facebook Live streams with the Facebook Creator app. With this app, you can add intros/outros to your videos, a frame overlay to give your broadcast a consistent look that matches your brand. Incorporate your health center’s fonts, colors, and logo into your overlay.

Snapchat was known for their image frames and AR filters, but now Facebook has added tools to help you create your own image filters to share with your Facebook followers. Take a look at the Facebook Camera Effects Platform webpage for information on their AR Studio and Frame Studio. The AR Studio is a program that allows you to create AR effects that respond to people and objects in their surroundings. This program is only available to download on MAC. The Frame Studio is a web-based program that allows you to create fun frames that your followers can use on their images. It’s a great way to promote an event or your health center by adding your branding to the frame. Here are some guidelines for creating a frame.

Facebook for Creators is a new website where creators can find resources and tips on how to create great videos. This page goes through the steps on how to get started and tips on production planning.

Another resource Facebook has provided for their creators is a Sound Collection. This online library of music is for creators to download and use royalty free music in their videos.

Facebook Creator app is available to download on iTunes and Google Play

From our Multimedia Specialist: Instagram Live and Instagram Stories

With National Health Center Week just a couple weeks away, it’s important to make a social media plan to engage your community leading up to your events. A photography-based platform like Instagram is a great resource to promote your mission and your activities. Instagram Live and Instagram Stories are also useful in giving viewers real-time updates on what’s going on at your Health Center. Please note that while pictures of people tend to resonate best with followers, it’s important to have featured, photographed subjects sign a Media Release Form before sharing their image online. This article from TechSoup has more details on five easy tips to get the most out of your organization’s Instagram account:

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