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Communications & Outreach Essentials: Communications Planning and Editorial Calendars

In this month’s COM Talk e-newsletter, we are exploring Communications Planning! Whether you are new to your position, or are looking for ways to better automate your content creation, reviewing your Health Center’s communications and marketing strategy can help ensure consistency in scheduling, tone, and message.

  • What kinds of messages does your Health Center normally publish?
  • Is the messaging and language used typically more formal or casual? Serious or humorous?

Thinking about the kinds of content your Health Center already uses or creates will be especially helpful when creating a publishing schedule, or Editorial Calendar.

Having an Editorial Calendar is key to Communications Planning.

  • What are some recurring events for your Health Center?
  • How can you regularly promote your Health Center’s services?

To stay engaged with your audience, scheduling messaging in advance can help you regularly publish content. Where is content being published or distributed?

Learn more about developing an Editorial Calendar in this quick tutorial:

Links to resources mentioned in the video:

Airtable’s Editorial Calendar Example

Trello’s Editorial Calendar Example


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