Fundraising on Twitch

Twitch is mostly known for being a platform that allows gamers to broadcast themselves playing videos games to a large audience. Other categories of streams that are offered on Twitch are talk shows, food & drink, art, music, and performing arts.  Over the years, Twitch began to be  known for their fundraising campaigns. The largest fundraising campaign on Twitch is called Extra Life. Extra Life is a fundraising campaign for the Children’s Miracle Network. Extra Life started in 2008 and began using Twitch and other broadcasting platforms in 2012. Since it’s inception, Extra Life has raised over $70 million USD.

One way a Twitch fundraising campaign could be setup is through Tiltify is an online fundraising platform that allows you to setup fundraising campaigns. is the flagship charity partner for Twitch extensions. With the Tiltify extension on Twitch, anyone streaming on Twitch can place information on your fundraising campaign under their stream with a button for viewers to donate directly to your campaign.

You can either set up a health center account on Twitch and broadcast your own stream. Some examples that you could do: healthy cooking stream (walk through how to make a healthy meal) or Q&A with a provider (create questions ahead of time to fill any voids in the chat). If you don’t want to create a Health Center account, ask any staff members or patients if they already have a Twitch account or are interested in creating one and would like to host a stream for your fundraiser. Health Centers can provide talking points and/or graphics that promote the fundraiser and provide information on the work that you do for your community.


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