Hashtag Campaigns

There are several hashtags for the celebration of National Health Center Week (#NHCW, #NHCW20, #ValueCHCs). A unique hashtag for your Health Center is a great way to personalize it and makes it easier to find posts that pertain to your Health Center.  Ask your to post photos or videos about their experience with your Health Center. You can use this as an opportunity to collect patient stories.

Why use a hashtag?

Hashtags are an important part of all social media communication. It makes it easier to find posts pertaining to your Health Center and/or event.


How to create a hashtag

  • Brainstorm– Keep the hashtag short and sweet. Think of some potential ones based on your Health Center’s name, event, etc.
  • Research– Check if the hashtag is already in use. Try to use not already  in use.
  • Promote- Use your hashtag on your social media posts and place it on your flyers.
  • Monitor– Monitor what people tag with your hashtag and interact with them whenever it makes sense.
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