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Selections from What’s Trending This Week — June 19, 2015

men's health week1. DAD’S DAY: National Men’s Health Week

With Father’s Day approaching this weekend, it is important to promote healthy living among men and boys. In celebration of National Men’s Health Week (June 15-21), take action in your own life to be healthy and safe, or, encourage the men and boys in your life to make their health a priority.

Click here to learn about steps men and/or boys can take each day to improve their health.

And, for every person in your life, regardless of gender, we encourage you to share this MyHealthFinder tool to find out which preventive health services you need to stay healthy!

hot weather2. BEAT THE HEAT: How to Prevent Heat-related Illnesses

Though the summer season has just begun, we’ve already started to experience extreme heat and humidity here in Virginia. Despite improved education over the years, heat-related illnesses and deaths still occur when temperatures spike.

Medical experts at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center have put together a list of tips to help prevent heat-related illnesses, including the warning signs, symptoms, and when to seek medical attention. Click here to read more.

richmond james river bridge3. FUN IN THE SUN: Make Plans for the Weekend in Virginia

School’s out for summer and the weather is hot. Need some help in figuring out your weekend plans? Virginia’s Travel Blog has got you covered!

Head on over to their site to see what’s going on in your area of Virginia this weekend — there are plenty of fun events planned across the Commonwealth!

Already have plans for this weekend? Check out their list of attractions for kids that cost $10 or less and run throughout the summer, and some for throughout the year!