opening presentation slide showing a hand drawing out a design

Health Literacy: Plain Language

Did you know that the strongest predictor of health outcomes in the U.S. is health literacy level?

We were thrilled to have hosted this great training on Plain Language: Tips for Clear Written Materials presented by Health Literacy Media.

What we learned:

  • We learned and practice plain language writing techniques
  • We learned health literate communication strategies that help ensure patients understand what they need to do for their health
  • We learned some verbal communication best practices with a health literate focus

Because the webinar is the proprietary content of HLM, we are only able to share  with folks in the Virginia Community Healthcare Association network (Virginia Health Centers and Health Safety Net Partners).  You will need a password to view it. We included the password in the webinar resources we shared in the October COM TALK. Contact us if you missed it so you can view the webinar and get the link to the resources. 

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