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How-to Add a Facebook AR Filter

For National Health Center Week, the Association has developed an Augmented Reality (AR) filter that you can add to your Facebook photos and videos. Here is a step-by-step guide about how to record Facebook photos and videos with an AR filter on it.

These screenshots were taken on an iPhone. Layouts on Androids may differ.


Iphone Screenshot of the homepage with a red circle around the Facebook icon

Step 1: Open the Facebook App and log into your account.




Screenshot of Facebook homepage

Step 2: Click on the camera icon at the top left of the homepage.




Screenshot of the Facebook camera page with a female smiling. A yellow circle is around the camera reversal icon in the top left

Step 3: If the camera isn’t facing you, click on the camera icon in the top left of the screen.



Yellow circle around a mask icon




Step 4: Click on the Face Mask Icon on the bottom of the screen.




Screenshot of the Facebook Camera page with a yellow box around the filter icons

Step 5: Scroll through the icons at the bottom of the screen until you see the NHCW 2018 icon




Yellow box around the NHCW 2018 icon

Step 6: Click on the NHCW 2018 icon to apply the filter to your image




Screenshot of the Facebook camera app

Step 7: Click on the white circle to take a photo or hold down the white circle to record a video. The NHCW filter has additional effects when you open your mouth.




Screenshot of Facebook camera page

Step 8: You can either save your photo/video to your phone or add it to your Facebook story.





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