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How To Bookmark Links in Dropbox

dropbox logoMany of us are already Dropbox users. In case you aren’t familiar with Dropbox, it is a platform on which you can store and share files and collaborate on projects. Dropbox offers free and paid accounts.

Did you know that you can use Dropbox to help you organize links to articles and helpful resource?  Yes!  Dropbox can be used to organize your “Bookmarks”. Many of us bookmark items which only appear on a specific browser and device, but by saving frequently visited websites as URL files in your Dropbox you have access to them from virtually anywhere on any device. Never lose bookmarks again! How many times have your browser bookmarks mysteriously disappeared when you upgrade browser versions? That is absolutely frustrating! With the backup features of Dropbox, no need to worry about this again. Plus, Dropbox has made it so simple to bookmark right from your desktop.

We created this quick HOW-TO to show you how easy it is:



  • To add a URL to your Dropbox, drag and drop the URL into a browser window where you’re already signed in to your Dropbox account. Currently, you can only save URL files this way from the desktop using a browser logged in to dropbox.com.
  • When you first save a URL file to your Dropbox account, the file is named based on the URL domain (e.g. dropbox.com, facebook.com, etc.). You’ll likely want to rename the link so that you can better organize your bookmarks by titles.
  • Renaming a link works like renaming any other file in Dropbox. While logged in through the browser, select the file, document, or link and then select “Rename” when the edit menu displays on the right. The item you want to rename is then highlighted and you can make your edits.  Click away from the item when finished. Your link is renamed.

Happy Bookmarking!

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