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How to Record Your iPhone Screen

Did you know you may already have the tools you need to record short how-to, or training videos in your pocket?

We discovered a fantastic feature for iPhone that helped us in a pinch. Here’s a video we recorded from an iPhone showing you how to record your iPhone screen. It’s simple and easy!

Watch How to Record Your iPhone Screen on Vimeo.

Getting Started:

  • Make sure you have iOS11 or higher installed on your device
  • Add the Record Button to Control Center. You do this by going to Settings/Control Center/Customize Controls
  • To Start a recording, access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the device with your finger, then Press the Record Button. Pressing and holding the Record Button will let you check to see if the mic is working. Once you’ve pressed the Record Button, you will get a three-second count-down before the recording starts.
  • Stop Recording by Tapping on Red Bar that appears at the top of the screen.
  • The recording will automatically saves in Photos App as a Video unless you’ve instructed the control to save elsewhere.


Here are some tips we learned while making recordings:

  • Keep Recordings Short. Aim for 10 minutes or less.
  • Use Do Not Disturb to Stop Notifications
  • Auto Lock to “Never” to prevent screen from going dark
  • No separate Mic required. You can use your Apple earbuds with mic or Air Pods.
  • To prepare recording for other video platforms, use the landscape orientation.
  • Open all of the files you will need and close everything else. Then use the multitasking feature of iPhone to quickly pull up the content you want to share. To access Multitasking, double-press the home screen button
  • Photos app provides only very basic editing, like shortening your recording. Use another app like iMovie for more sophisticated editing.
  • There may be a Sound and Picture Sync Issue when you share the file outside of the Apple environment. Run the video file through another app like Splice which is free from GoPro. After the project completes in Splice, you can save a copy to the Photos app or upload directly to various platforms.
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