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Community Health Center Career Opportunities

Work where you can make a real difference.  

Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Centers, and their “look-alikes” are practices in communities that need you. They appeal to the best version of us – the version that sees healthcare as a calling as much as a career. They remind us why we chose this profession in the first place. 


Female doctor listening to baby's heartIn community health centers, allied health professionals get to use their skills to help people who need them most – and appreciate them greatly. Providers and clinicians experience the joy of practicing without the administrative burdens of running a business and meeting the myriad requirements of the highly regulated healthcare industry. 


In Virginia, our health centers offer rewarding careers in the most beautiful state in America. Whether you prefer the mountains, the beach, country roads or a city, you can find your ideal lifestyle and perfect fit at one of the health centers we represent either via our job board or a custom search with our provider recruiters.  


The advantages of joining our practices include Monday-Friday daytime hours to ensure optimal work-life balance, with outpatient only treatment, competitive compensation, and excellent benefits to include liability protection coverage. Additionally, loan repayment options may also be available. In so many ways, a career in community health may be perfect for you! 


Learn more about working in Community Health in Virginia by watching our video series on Why Work in Community Health?


Health Careers Job Board 

Post open positions on our brand-new health Careers Job Board by following the instructions below. 

If you are a Virginia Community Health Center Employer and would like to submit a job opening to be posted on our job board, please fill out this form to submit your job opening.


Custom Provider Recruitment Program

Finding the right candidate is not easy.  With our Custom Recruitment Services, you can rest assured that we focus on exactly what you are looking for to fill your provider needs.  With a Provider Placement Contract in place, we search from various candidate pools and screen potential clinicians thoroughly before presenting them to you, in order to save you valuable time.  We understand how important it is to not only have the providers you need in place but to also ensure that they are the right providers to meet the needs of the communities you serve. Contact Us to Get Started 


Job Postings




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