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July Edition: What We’re Exploring

From our Director of Communications and Outreach: The Smart Communications Podcast

We’ve been perusing a lot of podcasts lately. Podcasts are extremely convenient for quick, free access to information and many nonprofits have begun using them to engage donors and volunteers. One of the podcasts brought to my attention by a team member is hosted by Big Duck, a communications firm which specializes in nonprofit communications. As a CHC Communicator, Big Duck’s, The Smart Communications Podcast is one to add to your list. As Sarah  Durham, CEO of Big Duck says, “Episodes are purposefully short (most under 15 minutes long) so you can binge-listen to every episode —or pick and choose the topics most useful to you.” Some of the latest episodes include, What’s the board’s role in branding? and How do we communicate without a communications staff?.

You can subscribe to The Smart Communications Podcast on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play. It’s also on Big Duck’s website here.

From our Communications and Outreach Specialist: Event Marketing
National Health Center Week is almost here and it’s time to review your event marketing strategy for your Health Center’s events. Take this time to strategize how you will be handling your event marketing for NHCW. What methods of marketing will you be using? Will you be using email marketing or direct mailings? Social media or printed flyers? Think about your target audience and determine the method that works best for you.

Here are some questions to think about when developing your event marketing strategy:

1) What are your goals?– Is your goal to attract a certain number of attendees? Could it be to strengthen the health center’s relationship with the community?

2) What do you want to measure and how will you measure it?- Are you monitoring the number of people who open your email and click through it? Are you monitoring your social media impressions and engagement?

3) Whose your target audience?- Who are you trying to reach with your marketing? Is it new patients? Current patients? Community leaders? Local businesses?

What I’ve been reading:
Eventbrite: Event Marketing Strategy: Timeline, Template and Tactics
8 Steps to Create a Great Marketing Plan for Your Event
Event Promotion 101: 15 Creative Ways to Market Your Event

From our Multimedia Specialist: CHC CHroniCles

Keeping an archive of your health center’s history is invaluable, whether your center is 50 years old or only a few years old. While some health centers have already digitized their archival documents, such as old photos and newspaper clippings, there is another tool available to preserve and share your health center’s history with a greater audience. CHC Chronicles (, or CHroniCles, is an online project that aims to help health centers share their unique histories as part of a greater health care movement. The site offers every health center and primary care association in the country the opportunity to create an online profile to share their distinct story. Since hard copies of photos and other irreplaceable documents can become damaged or lost, I strongly encourage you to create or update your CHC Chronicles profile and preserve these archival materials while you can.

To access an existing profile from the main webpage select the Map & Profiles tab. To log in or request a login ID scroll down to the link at the very bottom of the page. Once you have access to your CHC profile you can add text, photos, videos, documents, statistics, and more. You can even link your health center’s social media accounts to the profile.

Here is a link to a brief video published by CHC Chronicles with more details on the project’s mission, its website overview, and a guide on how to get started: If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out to me at I can also put anyone interested in touch with the CHC Chronicles’ Project Coordinator, who is happy to work with any individual health center on developing their profile.

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