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March Edition: What We’re Exploring

From Our Director of Communications and Outreach: A new year often brings with it a desire to get organized. Our Communications Team has been trying Airtable to help us organize our projects, editorial calendar, and to better collaborate. Airtable looks like a spreadsheet, but acts like a database. Airtable offers free and paid accounts. The free accounts have a ton of features.

From Our Communications and Outreach Specialist: The landscape of social media is constantly changing. It’s important to keep up to date on the current trends on social media and to decide which ones would best for you. Here is an article on about 2018’s Biggest Social Media Trends for Business: Forbes Article

From Our Multimedia Specialist: A lot of my work revolves around video production. A few months ago, I discovered Rev, a website that has greatly facilitated improving the accessibility of our videos. Most services use computers for transcription. Computerized transcription and captioning quality is often hit-or-miss. Rev uses human beings as transcribers creating better quality captions. For the low price of $1 per minute of footage, Rev creates ADA compliant captions, transcripts and even translations, and delivers them within 24 hours of your video file upload. Once you have received your captions, it is easy to make any edits through their online software, and upload the caption file along with your video onto your platform of choice. Rev also offers a free download of different types of caption file formats, so you can have some flexibility in where you publish your videos. Providing captions for videos has been proven to increase both video accessibility and viewership.

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