National Health Center Week Media Guide

National Community Health Center Week 2020

Community Health Centers: Lighting the Way for Healthier Communities Today and in the Future

August 9 – 15, 2020


Every year, National Health Center Week (August 9 – 15) celebrates America’s Health Centers and their accomplishments.

This year, National Health Center Week aims to shine a light on the strength, service, and care that Health Centers provide in their communities. From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Centers began finding innovative ways to provide preventative and primary care to their patients. Therefore this year, we celebrate the frontline workers, staff, volunteers, donors, and community partners who have come together to fight against COVID-19, and light a candle for the beloved patients and community health workers who lost their lives during this ongoing crisis. As we commemorate those lives and celebrate the future of community health, shine a light on your Community Health Center and share the value it brings to everyone it touches.


Visit the Association’s NHCW20 Resources folder on  Dropbox to download templates and other materials for NHCW.



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National Health Center Week Focus Days

Each day of National Health Center Week has a specific focus. Visit our Dropbox folder for social media templates for each focus day.


Sunday, 8/9: Public Health in Housing Day

Understand your patients' social determinants of health, including where they live, work, worship, play and age, and offer resources to create healthier homes.


Monday, 8/10: Healthcare for the Homeless Day

Honor the work being done at Healthcare for the Homeless program sites, and advocate for policies that end homelessness.


Tuesday, 8/11: Agricultural Worker Health Day

Increase access to care for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families by hosting a mobile health screening or health fair.


Wednesday, 8/12: Patient Appreciation Day

Celebrate Health Center patients and community board members by hosting virtual open house events or community member recognition activities.


Thursday, 8/13: Stakeholder Appreciation Day

Thank your Health Center Stakeholders by hosting tours for legislators and legislative staff or by asking them to celebrate NHCW on social media.


Friday, 8/14: Health Center Staff Appreciation Day

Recognize and celebrate the hardworking staff and volunteers at your Health Center.


Saturday, 8/15: Children's Health Day

Keep the children in your community happy and healthy by hosting back-to-school events, book drives, fun runs, or providing interactive and educations materials for children online


These Focus Days highlight the high-quality care Health Centers provide as they work to improve health outcomes and narrow health disparities in their communities. 


Like the National Health Center Week theme, these Focus Days help provide structure for events and may be used at your discretion. Coordinating events to these focus days helps maximize the national impact of our message. Be sure to submit your events to the National Health Center Week website.



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Virtual Events

With the uncertainty of how events will look in the upcoming months, it is best to have in place events that can be done while maintaining the CDC guidelines for social distancing. Encourage staff, patients, and members of the community to participate in these events online. Below are some ideas for virtual events. Share all of your events on the National Health Center Week website.


Hashtag Campaigns

Social Media Contest

Virtual Workshops/Classes

Virtual 5k Race

Virtual Open House

Facebook Live Showcase, Q&A, or Lecture Style videos (Ted Talks) about health related topics

Virtual Meetings with Local Legislators/Town Hall Events



In-Person Events

Remember to practice the CDC guidelines for social distancing when planning for your in-person events. 


Farmer's Market- Farmers Market Coalition Best Practices during COVID-19

Pop-Up Library

Car Parade

Care Package Distribution to the Homeless 

Back-to-School Drive-thru Fair- Offer curbside pickup for school supplies and immunizations. One example is Johnson Health Center's Back-to School Care Fair 

Staff Themed Dress Up Days

Staff Appreciation Lunch



Drawing of Bristol SignFundraising During National Health Center Week

 While National Health Center Week is a time to share the incredible work Community Health Centers do for their communities, it can also be an opportunity to conduct a fundraiser for your Health Center. 


Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Online Fundraiser Campaign with Tiltify- Tiltify is an online fundraising platform that allows you to create online fundraising campaigns. Visit for information on any fees.

Virtual 5k Walk/Run

Twitch Stream

Facebook Fundraiser

Technology Drive- Ask the community to donate old laptops, computers, etc. to give to patients that do not have access to equipment needed to access telehealth services



Advocacy During COVID-19

We encourage you to contact your Members of Congress, General Assembly Members, representatives from the Governor’s office, and all of your local elected officials to educate them, gain their commitment to your mission and funding, and remind them about the great ways you are helping local communities across Virginia! This year's advocacy efforts may look  a little different from previous years. In previous years, we encouraged our members to invite your representatives to visit and tour your health centers. Due to COVID-19, your local representatives may not be able to visit your Health Center. Still extend an invitation for an in-person visit, but also have virtual alternatives in place. Keep NHCW events nonpartisan- if you invite one candidate, invite all candidates in congressional/local races. 

If you need information on video conferencing platforms, here is our Buyer's Guide: Video Conferencing Platforms.

Please check with your health center Executive Director or CEO regarding your health center’s policy regarding political involvement.


National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC)  NHCW Sponsorships & Congressional Virtual Tours

NACHC wants to award at least one NACHC sponsorship to a health center in every state. We need your help to identify and encourage health center sites to participate and post their events. For health centers that plan to have an event that meet the criteria and that need additional time, please let us know that as well.

  • Three Criteria for $500 NACHC sponsorship:
    • Planning a community-wide event (virtual or in-person) during NHCW;
    • Using social media to promote the value of CHCs using #ValueCHCs; and,
    • Inviting elected officials at the state and federal levels to visit (virtually or in-person) their health centers.

In order to receive the funds, the health center will need to submit the event on the National Health Center Week website by July 1, 2020.

If you wish to be considered:

  • Please send your request to
  • BE SURE TO INCLUDE responses to the three criteria listed above.
  • Recommendations will be forwarded to Susan Burton at NACHC for final consideration.

Video/Photo Tips

As we plan for the possibility of having to continue social distancing this summer, videos and photos can help bridge the divide between your health center and your community. You may use videos to host virtual events like fitness or cooking classes or live-stream an Ask a Provider Q&A session, or share photos of fun behind-the-scenes moments with your staff.


10 Tips for Recording Video with a Smartphone

Media Release Form Template

Video Editing Instructions

Buyer's Guide: Video Conference Platforms


Video Editing Software:


Licensed and Royalty-Free Music:


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Media Relations

If you plan to safely host an in-person event during National Health Center Week, consider asking the press to attend your event or writing a press release after your event. Involving the media is a great way to get free publicity for your health center, and to educate the community about your mission and services. Even if you don't host any in-person events, you may consider writing a Letter to the Editor during National Health Center Week to discuss the importance and needs of community health centers.


Media Relations Webinar (Please email for the password.)

Press Release Template

Letter to the Editor Template

Photos of people donating to community health centers

Throughout the pandemic, the community has shown their support for Community Health Centers. Whether it was donating meals, handmade masks, PPE, or monetary donations; their support has been greatly appreciated. Thanking your donors isn’t just an expression of gratitude, but rather a way to build relationships. This could help encourage future gifts. Below are some ways you can say thank you to your supporters during National Health Center Week.

Show Appreciation on Your Website- Take advantage of your website’s traffic by showcasing your appreciation to your donors. You can do this with a website page dedicated to donors or a news post.

Profile Donors in Your Communications- Have a place in your Health Center’s annual report to include information on the donations and the impact they have made. You can also include a thank you post in your social media channels.

Make a Video- Use images and/or video footage of donations being made or used by staff to create a short (under 3 minutes) video to express your gratitude and recognize the hard work of your dedicated supporters. Share this video on social media and on your website.

Give a Thank You Package to Your Donors- Drop off a thank you package to your donors. These packages could include baked goods, merchandise with Health Center logo and a thank you note.

Host an Event- If in-person events are allowed during National Health Center Week, think about hosting an appreciation event at your health center and inviting your donors. You can give tours of the health center and present donors with certificates of recognition.

Social Media Trends



TikTok is an iOS and Android media app that can be used for creating and sharing short videos. It first became popular with Generation Z (tweens and teens), but it is quickly growing in popularity with millennials.  If you are trying to reach a target audience of ages 13 to 30, give TikTok a try. It's a great way to reach a younger audience and discuss health topics that effect them. Doctors and nurses are becoming popular on TikTok not just for their dance moves, but also for their  healthcare informational short videos. TikTok also allows users to go Live in case you want to do a live Q&A or host a workshop. You can also share your TikTok videos on other social media platforms. Learn more about TikTok and how healthcare providers are using it here.


Try Telling a Story

Facebook and Instagram stories continues to be a big trend on social media right now. Try using the stories feature to create your own story about National Health Center Week. Add interactive features like polls to engage with your audience. Adding interactive things like stickers to your stories help your stories perform better. 


Add Video Content

Videos tend to be the most-shared content on social media. According to Social Media Today, video will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic in 2020. Social media platforms are prioritizing video content. Go to the Video/Photo Tips tab for our tips and resources regarding video and photo content.


Go Live

Many social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn,etc.) offer live streaming. It's a great opportunity to have real time interactions with your audience. 


Social Media Templates

Facebook Cover Photo NHCW Template

Facebook NHCW Post Template

Instagram NHCW Post Template

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