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October Edition: What We’re Exploring

From our Director of Communications and Outreach: WordPress-Gutenberg

Get Prepared for the biggest WordPress Change in over a Decade!
Is your website powered by WordPress? Have you heard about Gutenburg?

BIG changes are happening with the upcoming WordPress 5.0 release. The WordPress visual editor, which hasn’t been updated in years will be replaced with the Gutenburg WordPress editor, a content-centered editor which uses “blocks” to build webpages. The new editor is still in beta, and while many are singing Gutenberg’s praises, many other users and developers fear incompatibility issues with their current WordPress themes and plugins. Ultimately, Gutenburg should make WordPress easier to use, however, it’s best to be prepared for some initial disruption.

How To Prepare:

Once WordPress 5.0 is released, Gutenberg becomes the default editor but for now you still have the option to install the classic visual editor. The best advice for now is to make sure your site is updated to WordPress 4.9.8 where the Gutenberg editor is available as a plugin. You can try Gutenberg to see if it is compatible with your current theme and plugins. Envato created this quick video What is Gutenberg?

Modern Tribe created a handy ebook about preparing for Gutenberg

It covers:

  • Clear, plain-language explanations of the changes WordPress will be rolling out in 5.0 (with screenshots + pictures!)
  • How Gutenberg improves the writing experience for content creators
  • A step-by-step checklist to prepare sites for Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0
  • How to start testing the block editor today

Download the Free Ebook Here

From our Communications and Outreach Specialist: How Can You Facilitate Great Internal Communications?

Big Duck, a nonprofit organization that provides communication services to other nonprofits, released an episode of their podcast, The Smart Communications Podcast, about internal communications.

In this episode, Liz Ricca, Big Duck’s Managing Director, talks about practices that can help facilitate internal communications. She focuses on the organization’s values and how the values can be used to help strengthen internal communications and be used as an HR tool.

You can listen to this episode here. It is also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.

From our Multimedia Specialist: Twitter Livestreaming

A few weeks ago, Twitter updated its mobile app to push live videos to the top of a user’s feed. Since live videos (and videos in general) tend to have priority for users, this may be a good time to have a refresher about using live videos on social media.

Remember that live videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great tools to capture an event in the moment and show off what’s going on at your health center.

If you only have access to a smartphone camera and limited access to editing software, live videos may be conveniently broadcasted directly from your social media apps. However, although live videos may feel impromptu, it’s important to plan your video’s content and details like whether you will record sideways or right-side-up in advance. You should also announce when you will be hosting a live video to increase viewership. The next time you are planning how to engage with your followers, consider adding live videos to your media toolkit.

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