PATHS Celebrates 15 Years

Piedmont Access to Health Services (PATHS) is celebrating fifteen years of serving the primary healthcare needs in the Piedmont region.

Kay Crane, the CEO of PATHS, said the nonprofit grew out of a need for medical care for uninsured patients who were clogging emergency rooms with minor ailments at local hospitals, and in 2001 — with a $75,000 startup grant from Danville Regional Medical Center — Project Access of the Dan River Region was born.

Currently PATHS delivers high-quality, low-cost primary care services to insured and uninsured patients through its centers located in Danville, Chatham, Martinsville and Boydton. PATHS also offers dental services in Danville and Boydton, pharmacy services in Danville and Boydton and pediatric centers in Danville and Chatham. posted a great article about PATHS written by reporter Denice Thibodeau. You can find it here. Read to find out more about what services PATHS offers, what it’s like to work there and what Kay Crane, CEO, believes the future holds.

Congratulations PATHS!