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Leading for Value is an initiative of the Virginia Community Healthcare Association that is designed help all Virginia CHCs define and communicate the value they deliver to their stakeholders. Through the Leading for Value Project  2014-2015 the Association aa pilot group of seven Virginia CHCs engaged in a collaborative development process to produce the Virginia CHC Value Model.

The Purpose of the Virginia CHC Value Model
The purpose of the Virginia CHC Value Model (Value Model) is to define and communicate the value Virginia CHCs deliver so that key audiences will be persuaded support the important work of community health centers. The Value Model outlined in this Quick Guide can be applied for individual CHCs or for all Virginia CHCs as a group. The end product for your organization will be a strategy for defining and communicating the value your organization delivers to one or more key audiences whose support you need to sustain your work and achieve your mission. This process of defining and communicating value can be used repeatedly to advance the strategic objectives of your organization.

The Core Messages of the Virginia CHC Value Model
The Virginia CHC Value Model includes seven core messages that can be defined and communicated individually or in combination. The messages communicate that Virginia CHCs deliver value as outlined in the tabs below.



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Virginia Community Health Centers address local health needs by:

  1. Organizing as nonprofit, mission-driven organizations
  2. Adopting a mission to improve community health
  3. Including community representatives on the board
  4. Continually assessing community health needs
  5. Collaborating with community partners.

Virginia Community Health Centers provide access to vital services by:

  1. Welcoming all community members as patients
  2. Serving patients across age groups
  3. Serving patients across income groups
  4. Providing preventive and primary care services
  5. Providing additional services according to community need
  6. Emphasizing wellness and prevention for patients and family members
  7. Providing 24 hour telephone access
  8. Providing extended hours
  9. Providing an informative website and patient portal
  10. Connecting people to community support services
  11. Helping people enroll in health coverage.

Virginia Community Health Centers put patients and families first by:

  1. Engaging patients and families as partners
  2. Listening to patients through conversations and surveys
  3. Supporting patients with education and counseling
  4. Equipping patients with quick responses to questions
  5. Helping patients and families coordinate services
  6. Helping patients and families manage health conditions in the home and community setting.

Virginia Community Health Centers deliver high quality care by:

  1. Addressing critical health risks
  2. Addressing serious health conditions
  3. Using evidence-based guidelines
  4. Meeting or exceeding established quality standards
  5. Exceeding national benchmarks on selected quality indicators
  6. Reporting to the public on quality performance

Virginia Community Health Centers help control health care costs by helping patients:

  1. Avoid preventable ED visits
  2. Avoid preventable admissions
  3. Manage medications
  4. Avoid unnecessary tests and procedures
  5. Manage conditions to reduce lifetime costs.

Virginia Community Health Centers support community and economic development by:

  1. Attracting federal, state, and private revenue to local communities
  2. Creating jobs for community members
  3. Providing wages that are spent in community settings
  4. Purchasing goods and services from local firms
  5. Helping children be healthy and ready for school
  6. Helping workers be healthy and productive at work
  7. Partnering with community development organizations

Virginia Community Health Centers innovate for excellence every day.  We continually innovate to:

  1. Address local health needs
  2. Provide access to vital services
  3. Engage patients and families as partners
  4. Optimize quality of care
  5. Control health care costs
  6. Support community and economic development.

These core messages are the product of extensive research on the value of community health centers nationally, as well as the insights and idea of the Project Value pilot participants.

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