The Virginia Community Healthcare Association’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Initiative supports the Public Health and Medical Preparedness Strategy and the National Preparedness Goal by providing tools, contacts, and forums for enhancing the emergency preparedness of member health centers to ensure the availability and viability of primary healthcare in underserved populations.

The Emergency Management Assistance Compact or EMAC is a type of mutual aid agreement that promotes and facilitates outreach among participating centers during emergencies. Specifically, it provides for the systematic mobilization, deployment, organization, and management of resources to assist our local health centers in a crisis. In emergency management communities, employing mutual aid agreements signifies the adoption of benchmarks and best practices in the area of emergency planning.

EMAC Participants

  • -Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services, Inc.
  • -Blue Ridge Medical Center
  • -Capital Area Health Network
  • -Central Virginia Health Network
  • -Clinch River Health Services
  • -Craig Health Center
  • -Daily Planet, Inc.
  • -Eastern Shore Rural Health Systems, Inc.
  • -Health Care on the Square
  • -Highland Medical Center
  • -Johnson Health Center
  • -Loudoun Community Health Center
  • -Monroe Health Center
  • -New Horizons Healthcare
  • -Olde Town Medical Center
  • -Peninsula Institute for Community Health
  • -Piedmont Access to Health Services, Inc.
  • -Portsmouth Community Health Center, Inc.
  • -Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems
  • -Stone Mountain Health Services
  • -Tri-Area Health Clinic