In the summer of 1986, Virginia Primary Care Association, now known as the Virginia Community Healthcare Association, established an annual award named for William E. Cole.

The Association’s executive director at the time, petitioned for the naming of an award for Bill Cole because Bill had proved to be one of the Association’s best advocates. The executive described Bill as “a very skilled negotiator” and “a tremendous advocate with the Regional Office system.”  Further he said, “Bill was important to the development of the Association, the new starts and consortia development activities and key to the survival of many of our small centers.”

The executive went on to say, “I think that we should recognize the man’s long term efforts at the development of service throughout the State during the past thirteen years. You may not be aware of it, but Bill Cole was the first Regional Office Director of the National Health Service Corps.”

Annually, our Association calls for nominations for various awards. One of the the most prestigious of those awards is the one named for Bill.  The William E. Cole award acknowledges an individual who has advocated for or aided community health care in areas such as political advocacy, resource advocacy, public or private agencies, or program and community development assistance. It is our great pride to present this award and we are again honored by Bill through his generous sharing of his recollections in his book:

Recollections:Primary Health Care Development in Virginia


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