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Register Now: Webinar-Using Plain Language to Better Connect with Patients and Communities

Writing simply about health topics is surprisingly hard to do. About half of Americans don’t understand most medical text because it’s written in a complicated way. And even people who can understand it would prefer simple and easy to read content.

Plain language is the key to helping people understand your health information – and when people understand, they can make better health decisions.

Our Plain Language webinar is designed to benefit everyone involved in creating communications which are directed to our patients and our communities. Elevate your skills for writing in clear, simple, easy-to-understand language by joining us for this important webinar.

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Webinar Goals: Assist health center staff members with these objectives:

  • To learn and practice plain language writing techniques
  • To learn health literate written communication strategies that help ensure patients understand what they need to do for their health, with an emphasis on helping patients who are vulnerable and have barriers to understanding health care.


Sign Up Here (Currently Registration is Limited to Staff Members of Health Center Organizations.)

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